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Beginning in 2007, I took up painting again, as a kind of tribute to my mother Jenny, who had died that same year. My parents were both professional artists, and during my growing-up years art was very much "in the air" at our house.

When I graduated high school in 1966, I was torn between majoring in music and art at university. Music won out--in retrospect perhaps it was a wrong move.

I started taking classes at the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC) in the autumn of 2007. Although the instructional level is often geared towards the beginning student, I found the classes gave me the right "push" to get me going and keep me productive.

Some of the BBAC instructors I've enjoyed in the past include Todd Burroughs, Gail Mally-Mack, Clinton Snider and Roumen Boudev.

I work mostly in acrylic, sometimes in pencil and charcoal. Acrylic is not as fluid as oil, and presents some unusual problems, such as drying one or two shades darker than when wet. But acrylic is the only practical medium for the occasional painter like me who has to take his work home at the end of a three hour class, as the paint will usually be dry enough to transport.

On the Charles Bridge, Prague (2017)

Walking Toward Heian Shrine, Kyoto (2017)

Lemonade Stand, Prince Edward Island (2016)

Farmer's Market, Croatia (2016)

Montevideo II (2015)

Palermo (2014)

Montevideo (2014)

Jenny at the Guitar (2014)

Ann Hathaway's Cottage (2014)

Lake District IV (2014)

Lake District III (2013)

Reggie's Flowers (2013)

Sheila's Cottage, Ambleside (2011)

Hadrian's Wall (2011)

Lake District II (2011)

Lake District I (2010)

East Sawry, Lake District (2010)

Nude Study I (2010)

Nude Study II (2010)

Stained Glass (1985)

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